Global market business development manager
The deadline for completing the task is 5 working days.


Check out the TrainingSpace website and Tamara's talk (5:50 to 16:50 ) to learn more about TrainingSpace. Find similar services around the world. Highlight what are the strengths of TrainingSpace.
TrainingSpace in the global market plans to enter the same large corporations in the USA as in Russia (5000+ employees in the company, regional offices around the country and the world, the company’s revenue is over $ 300 million). The goal for the first 3 months is to conclude contracts for at least $ 10,000 (approximate cost of a license for one user is $ 80 from 250 users per year and more). Make a list of the first 100 companies that you definitely need to go to (describe which industries you can go to right away and why). Write down your personal work plan for 3 months in order to achieve your goals and work out a sales model, attract lead traffic, work out the client’s CJM. You can make daily/weekly/monthly plans.
Describe in which markets, besides the USA, TrainingSpace may be in demand and why (markets and target client profile).
All your answers can be provided in English in any format convenient for you (PowerPoint presentation, Word, etc.).

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